AI Skill Studio
AI Skill Studio
AI Skill Studio

AI Skill Studio

AI Skill Designer allows you to swiftly build complex AI Skills using a wide range of AI components through simple configurations and drag-and-drop operations just like playing with LEGO blocks. It can also seamlessly integrate with RPA and other systems to bring the value of AI technology into practical use cases.
Product function
Skill Design
Skill MGT
Task Review
Skill Design01
Different AI components can be combined through easy configurations and coding-free, drag-and-drop operations to generate complex AI skills for different business scenarios. The platform’s online testing and one-click publishing capabilities allow RPA and other systems to rapidly utilize AI skills.
Skill MGT02
Centralized management of AI skills is provided, allowing for rapid viewing, modification and publication while also monitoring skill operations, including call times, call duration, errors, and more.
Task Review03
Users can review and adjust the results of AI skills in Task Review Center. These data can also be used to iteratively upgrade AI models.
  • Skill Design
  • Skill MGT
  • Task Review
Product value
Unified Platform
Unified Platform
Effectively satisfies the need for different model combinations in different business scenarios. According to business scenarios, multiple fundamental models can be effectively combined into business skills on a unified platform to more efficiently solve business problems and fully realize the value of AI.
Citizen Development for AI Automation
Citizen Development for AI Automation
The code-free, drag-and-drop design style resembles RPA design style, and effectively reduces barriers to utilizing AI, allowing users to quickly get underway even without an understanding of AI algorithm, thus greatly helping to popularize AI.
Highly Efficient Connections
Highly Efficient Connections
Efficiently connects Data Insights and RPA platform together with AI. The entire process of data usage, model management, and application in the business process can be efficiently realized via seamless, automated connections between these platforms.
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