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Cyclone IDP
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Cyclone IDP

Cyclone IDP is an intelligent document processing platform created by Cyclone Robotics based on advanced AI technologies such as machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), computer vision (including OCR/ICR), natural language processing (NLP), and RPA. It enables fully automated operation from identification, and extraction, to processing (such as merging, segmentation, correction, validation, labeling, entering system, etc.) of structured and unstructured documents (such as invoices, purchase orders, annual reports, video files, audios, worksheets, emails, etc.).
Product function
Massive Templates
Custom Templates
Model Training Platform
Personal Platform
Massive Templates01
Cyclone IDP provides a large number of general templates, covering most of the common scenarios, such as various ID photos, bank bills, international settlements, commercial papers, reimbursement notes, handwritten notes, medical bills, etc. It supports Chinese, English, Chinese and English mixed fonts, as well as printing, scanning, handwriting, and other types of documents.
Custom Templates02
Cyclone IDP provides a variety of extraction mechanisms and allows customers to flexibly configure templates according to their own situations. It is suitable for massive special documents processing, such as documents with the fixed format but the complex structure, framed/unframed documents, skewed /rotate documents, multi-page/spread nested documents, etc.
Model Training Platform03
Cyclone IDP provides a complete training platform, including data management, model training, model evaluation, model service management, etc. The Platform has a low requirement for training data samples. It effectively reduces 99% + labeling work and 80% of the model training iterations, therefore greatly shortening the implementation cycle.
Personal Platform04
The Personal Platform makes the interaction between business personnel and technology/systems more efficient and more intelligent. It supports desktop, web, mobile, etc. Business personnel can initiate, interrupt, monitor, review, and trace "document processing" related automated tasks (such as merging, segmentation, correction, validation, annotation, entering, etc.).
  • Massive Templates
  • Custom Templates
  • Model Training Platform
  • Personal Platform
Product value
Massive Documents
Massive Documents
Cyclone IDP can recognize multiple kinds of documents, framed/unframed forms, mixed forms, and even handwritten pictures. It supports Chinese, English, Chinese and English mixed fonts, and document types such as printing, scanning, and handwriting.
Fast And Efficient
Fast And Efficient
Connecting with Cyclone CIRI, Cyclone RPA, and other automation products, the data processing time of Cyclone IDP is less than half of the manual processing time, and the original task that use to take 5 minutes can be completed by Cyclone IDP in just a few seconds
Intelligent Assistant
Intelligent Assistant
Manual processing is prone to errors. With advanced AI technologies, Cyclone IDP can verify and audit documents better and faster。 It assists customers to verify errors in information processing, such as address, product type, etc.
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