RPA Controller
RPA Controller
RPA Controller

RPA Controller

RPA Controller offers centralized management and governance of robots. It can flexibly schedule and assign tasks, monitor task status in real time and immediately sends early warnings if necessary. It also supports cloud deployment, ensuring information security with various measures including keys, data transmission, storage passwords, isolated role privilege and audit logs.
Product function
Process Orchestration
Real-time Monitoring
Task Triggering Mechanism
Script Version MGT
Data Analysis
Powerful Access Control
Task MGT
Process Orchestration01
Orchestrate RPA nodes, human-bot interaction nodes and API nodes to realize end-to-end operation of complex processes.
Real-time Monitoring02
Monitor robot status in real time and raise warning of problems in time.
Task Triggering Mechanism03
The rich task-triggering mechanism ensures that robots are working in accordance with actual business requirements, which further enables implementation in diverse scenarios.
Script Version MGT04
Properly manage different versions of scripts so that users can run appropriate versions according to their requirements.
Data Analysis05
Collect and analyze the robots' execution status and results, also support analyzing, viewing, reporting and downloading related data.
Powerful Access Control06
Support RBAC-based authorization management of all functions across the platform. Additionally, provide authorization isolation of resources based on organizational structure. Support multi-layer organization management and authorization inheritance.
Task MGT07
Manage scripts to automatically match robots for easier execution. Tasks that are already executed and not yet executed can both be viewed in the task list.
  • Process Orchestration
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Task Triggering Mechanism
  • Script Version MGT
  • Data Analysis
  • Powerful Access Control
  • Task MGT
Product value
Governance of Execution
Governance of Execution
Easily govern, manage and fully monitor the execution of intelligent software robots.
 Remote Management
Remote Management
Remotely deploy and manage intelligent software robots.
Real-time Logs
Real-time Logs
Record logs in real-time. All logs of robot operations are comprehensive and traceable. Execution of automation can be monitored via data visualization to ensure a stable, secure, and reliable system.
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RPA Controller

RPA opens the entryway for the internal audit capacity to offer more to the association. RPA audit expands knowledge and business processes, permitting auditors to assist with enhancing new or altered cycles to oversee risk, develop productivity, increment dependability, decreasing expenses, or increasing value of the business.

RPA Audit Controls


RPA is the utilization of robots to prearrange an assignment or method to lessen the requirement for human intercession in process execution. The expression "robots" alludes to programming contents, or bots, that reproduce human association and decision-production with an application or numerous application interfaces.

This advancement involves first adopting an intensive comprehension of the human dynamic interaction for signature confirmation and afterward programming the robot to emulate the human judgment included.

Early experimental outcomes showed that robots were effective in confirming marks 80% of the time; the leftover 20% of cases were gone over to people for conclusive goal.

The objective of RPA is to lessen human associations, along these lines restricting postponements and individual mistakes, and to give the machine control of the designated errands. Basically, a framework is planned by allotting undertakings to people and machines.

A straightforward job based model of human-machine task allotment comprises of four sections:


1. No Machine Job


Machines are essentially not prepared to dominate, or the undertaking is thought to be human-driven and subsequently can't be appointed to a machine.

2. Optional Human Job


Humans choose to restrict the machine's job in light of the ideal final product.


3. Supporting Machine Job


Computers do sums and control essential information.


4. Machine Job Joining


This point says about no human intercession (e.g., undertaking asset frameworks). Such undertakings are ordinarily more theoretical in nature and don't stick to a standard dynamic cycle, it is expected to infer that critical human judgment.

Arrangements are customized to fit the association's business processes and depend on the sort of action to be performed when the RPA Integration Role Model is applied to the business world. With regards to taking care of client input, an incorporated type of RPA should be visible.

RPAs in telephone frameworks, for instance, can validate the client and perform essential client service undertakings like bill installment, reserve moves, account secret phrase resets or opens.


How RPA Audit Controls Works?


Supporting Machine RPAs require some human mediation inside the cycle work process. This RPA is normally found in administrative center exercises and can be educated to robotize work processes with complex, multistep processes. Normal instances of this kind of RPA incorporate change control the executives’ assessment and lifeless record assessment, in which the RPA

· Gathers information from various frameworks of record

· Assesses the information separated for foreordained standards

· Plays out an activity because of the investigation

For example, making a ticket for access evacuation.


What about Human Role of Discretion RPA?


The Human Role of Discretion RPA recommends that there is as of now a low degree of computerization inside the work process. In this job, RPA could ordinarily:

· Perform assignments like structure information approval information assortment from divergent frameworks of record into a concentrated storehouse

· Cautions fitting faculty when recently settled edges are met.

RPA Robotics Potential is most noteworthy in the No Machine Role. Past encounters and suspicions might have verified that computerizing an interaction or its parts isn't proper. These suspicions are being audited by new advancements like man-made brainpower (AI) and information investigation. Therefore, RPA can altogether adjust the cycle.


Qualities of the RPA audit controls


Figuring out where to utilize RPA across the association can be troublesome in light of the fact that so a lot is subject to handle qualities. The worth of cycle do not entirely settle, whether the interaction is monotonous, versatile, and has generally called for tedious human inclusion.

Typically, further developed proficiency, diminished process duration, expanded dependability, and an improvement in the assistance upheld by the cycle ought to be looked for.

A file of various sorts of human mistakes can likewise reveal insight, whether the gamble of wrong execution can be diminished. This is particularly significant where faculty turnover is high, bringing about a deficiency of refinement in the process controller's judgment over the long haul.

As a general rule, assuming a manual interaction is monotonous, digressively contacts computerized frameworks, and requires the investigation of enormous volumes of records or information, it very well might be a contender for RPA reception.

The following are several models:

1. Inspecting undertaking reinforcement logs and relegating investigating tickets for disappointments

2. Assessment of "lifeless" end client and manager represents certificate and the expulsion of possibly unseemly honors

3. Stopping grant issuance and organization

4. Keeping on representative expenses

We are exploring different avenues regarding an AI-fueled stage for guarantors. The application will robotize guarantee approval and make suggestions to human analysts.


RPA Internal Controls


While the RPA is being created, it is basic to RPA internal controls and chance administration capacities from the beginning.

RPA internal controls’ examiners can help business process proprietors in assessing the process completely to figure out the effect on the association, where hazard exists inside the procedure(s), and the ongoing controls set up to alleviate the recognized gamble factors.

In fact, Risk is decreased to satisfactory resilience levels, and the controls conform to the aim of any guidelines influencing the control climate.

The executives should assess the reports to decide if the limits, KRIs, and KPIs are still in accordance with the new business interaction and whether the reports should be changed to give exact key estimations to senior initiative.

RPA Controller give associations a best method for reexamining business processes, lessening the chance of human blunder. RPA is setting down deep roots because of its simplicity of execution and potential for versatility across the endeavor. 

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