A digitalized, intelligent assistant equipped with natural language capabilities and using chatting softwares to connect humans and robots. It utilizes natural language communication to understand user intentions, solve user's problems, trigger processes on demand, and guide users to complete tasks in a conversational context.
Product function
Multi-channel Reach
Chat-driven RPA
Task Assistant
One-stop Model Management
Multi-channel Reach01
ChatBot supports connection through common chat channels such as Lark(Feishu) and WeChat. Users can reach the robot through multiple channels, meanwhile notifications can reach users in real-time through multiple natural language channels as well.
Chat-driven RPA02
With the combination of Chatbot and RPA, users can easily use RPA through natural language instructions to trigger processes and set timed tasks. They will receive progress synchronization in real-time, and deal with human-robotics tasks through the link provided by Chatbot.
Task Assistant03
Chatbots can act as a robotics assistant (with natural language communication capability) for business users. They can automatically follow up, point-to-point reach, and provide real-time feedback on automated processes and human-robotics tasks that users concern about.
One-stop Model Management04
Supported by simple and user-friendly knowledge base management in the backend and visual dialogue construction, users can get started quickly. One-click release offers a convenience way to provide service.
  • Multi-channel Reach
  • Chat-driven RPA
  • Task Assistant
  • One-stop Model Management
Product value
Convenience and Efficiency
Convenience and Efficiency
Chatbots reach end-users through commonly used chat channels, executing basic instructions, answering questions, guiding operations, ultimately helping business users improve efficiency.
 Intelligent Iteration
Intelligent Iteration
It can monitor and learn continuously based on the background dialogue data, discover new knowledge and iterate regularly, improve the dialogue experience and reduce the operation and maintenance cost of the chatbot robot.
Improved User Experience
Improved User Experience
The intelligent assistant, when equipped with NLP capabilities, broadens the usage scenarios of RPA and further lowers the threshold of utilizing RPA. Users can simultaneously operate RPA processes and solve issues through a single dialog window, obtaining more intelligent support.
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