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RPA Mobile
RPA Mobile

RPA Mobile

RPA Mobile supports task automation that are created on desktop computers but run on mobile devices. RPA can run autonomously on the mobile devices to provide customers with one-stop service experience. RPA Mobile supports creation from standard templates for different mobile application scenarios. The templates can be used out-of-the-box on the mobile devices. Through drag-and-drop operations, automated processes can be created and run on mobile devices as the mobile digital assistant.
Product function
Digital Worker Mobile Edition
Management Platform
RPA Designer Mobile Edition
Digital Worker Mobile Edition01
Build standard templates for different application scenarios to meet the needs of different users. The templates can be used directly on mobile devices, showcasing the immediacy of the product. Build mobile RPA available for everyone.
Management Platform02
Carry out overall management of process applications, including update, review, and release. Ensure that the application can run as expected on mobile devices.
RPA Designer Mobile Edition03
Based on low-code technology, business processes can be quickly created with drag-and-drop operation. Through capturing operations on mobile interfaces, emulate basic UI operations to help create automation processes.
  • Digital Worker Mobile Edition
  • Management Platform
  • RPA Designer Mobile Edition
Product value
Independent Execution
Independent Execution
Independent RPA execution on mobile device without a wired link to the computer.
Quick Building
Quick Building
Automatic RPA process creation via screen operation recording on mobile device.
Standardized, out-of-the-box application templates.
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