Automation Center
Automation Center
Automation Center

Automation Center

Automation Center provides full lifecycle management capabilities based on automation requirements. It also assists CoE department in exploring automation value points and helps promoting RPA within the enterprise by governing the four stages of opportunity exploration, development, testing and operation.
Product function
Case Studies
Requirement MGT
Collaboration MGT
Case Studies01
Manage successful RPA deployment cases within the enterprise on a one-stop platform. Outstanding cases can be shared by departments within the enterprise.
Requirement MGT02
Directly link to RPA Controller and Intelligent Assistant(CIRI) to provide a unified gateway of collecting requirements, and automatically track the operation status of requirements during the project lifecycle.
Collaboration MGT03
Define roles on multiple persona from a fusion team includes business executives, CoE leaders, process curators, automation developers and operational personnels and etc., to achieve collaborative and efficient cooperation among different roles on a unified platform.
  • Case Studies
  • Requirement MGT
  • Collaboration MGT
Product value
Intuitive Presentation
Intuitive Presentation
Intuitively presents the full lifecycle of automation requirements within the enterprise, allowing for quick understanding of their real-time progress.
Encouragement and Productivity Boost
Encouragement and Productivity Boost
Encourages business personnel to continuously propose new automation requirements for better efficacy.
 ROI Boost
ROI Boost
Continuously improves project ROI by analyzing and arranging automation processes.
 Project Empowerments
Project Empowerments
Empowers CoE’s end-to-end management capability of large-scale automation projects.
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