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RPA Studio

The RPA Designer emulates the operation of business users and designs business processes such as application operation, data scraping and information transmission. It includes many advanced technologies, such as low-code development, workflow, intelligent element capture, UI automation connectors, multiple development language support, build-in OCR/CV/NLP components and many more. it assists developers in designing professional and complex business processes.
Product function
Screen Recording
Coding Mode
Efficient Teamwork
Powerful Rule Engine
Cross-Platform Compatibility
Robots are deployed into the IT environment within the enterprise using non-intrusive system integration that has no influence on the enterprise’s existing business systems.
Automation robots can autonomously self-heal under predictable environment changes, such as adjusting to changes in element styles and intelligently closing pop-up windows. Also, robots can intelligently learn how to handle exceptions from business users.
Screen Recording03
Automatically generate process steps by record user's actions of clicking and selecting UI elements, increase efficiency in RPA design and enable quick start for novice users.
Coding Mode04
Provide a code editor for experienced developers, easily combining code components and RPA components together.
Efficient Teamwork05
Provide a wide range of team collaboration templates, and functions like marketplace and GIT support to increase reusability, assisting developers to better collaborate and design processes more easily.
Powerful Rule Engine06
The powerful, built-in rule engine is capable of handling all kinds of complex business logic. The design of process logic can be completed on configuration panels.
Cross-Platform Compatibility07
Compatible with multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, and Android. Support most OS versions on the market and provide flexible deployment solutions.
Allow users to develop external scripts under specified rules and import these scripts as components and functional nodes, gradually accumulating in a rich component library.
  • Non-Intrusive
  • Self-healing
  • Screen Recording
  • Coding Mode
  • Efficient Teamwork
  • Powerful Rule Engine
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Extensibility
Product value
Reduce Costs
Reduce Costs
Graphical interface of designing processes reduces learning and operation costs, delivering a smooth and intuitive editing experience.
Increases Efficiency
Increases Efficiency
The rich component library greatly increases editing efficiency as it meets various customized requirements by connecting to various systems via build-in UI connectors and being compatible with user's own automation components as well.
 Fast Repairs
Fast Repairs
The Designer is developer-friendly and enables faster debugging. Preset error-checking and visualized debugging allow quick analysis, identification, and correction of errors.
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Case Studies

We releases new digital strategy to focus more on our core business. Our Head Office, in collaboration with teams from local and national offices and business units, is driving and steering the Smart Automation program. We began working with RPA powered by cutting-edge technologies like AI, NLP etc. in business units in 2015.

In collaboration with Cyclon, the Cyclon Head Office has established a committed firm speeding the Smart Automation Strategy, Execution, and Convergence. We comprises a group of professionals from various backgrounds and countries who share information about different automation use cases, work on scaling global assets, and act as a glue and accelerator for Smart Automation initiatives across the business.

In collaboration with specialists from Business Units, we proactively strives to identify the most promising processes that can be automated and explore the finest technology available, identifying goup preferred solutions. We also aim to raise automation awareness within its business units, support services, and various markets.


Developing a Diverse Technological Ecology

Over time, the organization has begun to expand its use of RPA, realizing that when combined with other technologies, RPA becomes the foundation of true Smart Automation. The ability to mimic human behavior, such as clicking on screens, downloading documents, and, most crucially, detecting essential information, was crucial to this voyage.

We discovered that robots could click and open programs. When paired with computer vision, natural language processing, and other software, they could now collect data and make intelligent judgments based on it.

RPA was powerful on its own, but only when combined with an ecosystem of other technologies can it reach its full potential. We utilize technology that allows RPA to scan and interpret printed and handwritten text.

Because of our use of Smart Automation, we have seen several benefits, including lower costs and bureaucracy, more productivity, and improved employee morale. We can now focus on higher-value work.

Smart Automation Technology Leads: RPA robots can now read documents, filter out noise and irrelevant data, and extract the information they need, thanks to advances in artificial intelligence (AI).

Form processing is an illustration of how these synergies lead to practical results. Customers send Generali various forms in various formats, many of which are hand-filled. The robots can extract content using AI, and NLP and then suggest actions to the operator. The data is removed and validated. AI will clean up the document, rotate images as appropriate, eliminate noise and outliers, and finally give it to a human with a recommended course of action.

Simple Jobs Can Be Automated: During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the seed for creating a Robot for Every Person was planted. During this time, the Smart Automation develop novel approaches to assist the cyclone during a period of great stress and disruption.

We came up with the solution of allowing staff to develop their automation. Rather than concentrating on massive operations that could save a lot of money but take a long time, they decided to focus on smaller, repetitive tasks.

We've noticed a lot of teamwork, and we appreciate the productivity that the UiPath team has provided us with. 

Our own game has been raised due to their continual dialogues, inquiry, inventive recommendations, and solutions.

We needed to guarantee that personnel had the necessary skills and expertise and that the required technology was in place to support the endeavor. The Cyclon chose, a lighter, more intuitive version of the application its developers used, allowing staff with no programming knowledge to construct their automation.

Employees, for example, were able to create automation that would automatically download email attachments, copy and paste data from files, and move documents across folders. Employees have discovered easy jobs that they can then automate thanks to this approach.

Most importantly, this has placed automation power in the hands of employees, creating the groundwork for future citizen developers who will be able to construct their automation. It will help other employees in the future, even if they did not invent them themselves.

Everyone recognizes RPA's potential and the role it can play in advancing our Smart Automation plan. We want to continue pushing this technology and its benefits throughout the organization.


 AI Controls in RPA Studio


The activities allow you to engage directly with various applications, such as the Chrome browser and Office applications. On the other hand, any other application can be controlled now using the keyboard and mouse. The usage of RPA Wand, our computer vision and technology, makes this more accessible and more powerful.

Read what's on a screen and interact with and manipulate objects directly. It can recognize program icons, search bars, and other controls on the screen. As part of the process flow, it can even wait for things to appear or disappear. These controls work together to interact and control any application as if you were directly controlling it from a screen. It ensures that process flows operate smoothly and adapt to the movement of symbols on the screen.


An RPA Designer


An RPA Designer:

· Connects data sources and systems.

· Coordinates the flow of data from one location to another.

· Creates simple or complicated automation to deal with data and procedures.

· Utilizes an extensive library of native integrations and actions to automate at scale and speed.

· Customizes your heart's content using a powerful code editor for bespoke scripts.

· Designs the automation system that works for you, depending on your use case.

· Gives you an open-ended studio to create the automated workflow you need.

· Functions in any application, on any scale, thanks to an integrated IDE for developing bespoke actions and connectors.

As well, an RPA Designer create an automation solution that suits your needs. Automation gives you an open-ended studio to create the automated workflow you need. It can function in any application, on any scale, thanks to an integrated IDE for developing bespoke actions and connectors.

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